Squash and more

Today Nainesh and I played Squash for the first time since... I'm guessing very early 1998. I got a new racquet today, Nainesh is getting a racquet soon (he used Cheryl's new racquet).

I really love Squash, but have been scared to play it because of my bad knee, even with my brace. Well, no knee problems today, but I might have overdone it anyway -- while sitting here in my office, I twisted my torso to the left to stretch my back and felt a really sharp pain in my groin. I hope I didn't just pull it. :-( I'm literally scared to stand up to find out!

Squash is a great sport -- for me, it's a way way better workout than tennis. IMHO, it takes less strength, and more cunning. I'm always winded after each set, while I rarely feel winded playing tennis now.

Nainesh and his wife Sayukta, my wife Cheryl, and I joined the UVic Rec centre this week, so we have full access to indoor/outdoor tennis courts, indoor/outdoor pools, an ice rink, gymnasium, a huge weight/cardio room, squash/racquetball/badminton/table-tennis/volleyball courts, and more. This is going to be a great winter!

My goal is to hit the 70 lbs. lost mark before X-Mas. Right now I'm hovering between 42 and 45 pounds... the last month was really stressful for me and it showed in my dedication to the proper diet -- I cheated constantly. :-(

Now that things are looking up, I'm back in black, and ready to rock and roll!

(Now it's time to hit the sack ;-))

PS: I golfed Sunday, played tennis Tuesday, and lifted weights on Wednesday. A great exercise week!

Written on September 23, 2000