How to Create a Weblog with Radio UserLand

Radio UserLand: How to Create a Weblog with Radio UserLand

With all the stuff happening in my personal life lately, I haven't been following the Radio Userland situation closely for the last couple of weeks.

I was really confused when UserLand appeared to stop working on the World Outline (as if the design was finished, I hope it isn't) and started working on, of all things, Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle.. that's right, Yahoo.

UserLand is now releasing more applications for the nodeTypes framework.

Radio UserLand, nay Frontier, has so much foundation built into it, that new features like creating a static weblog site are just plain easy to write. To anyone who spent the time mastering the HTML suite (now called the Website Framework), it looks like you're in luck.

I have to create a web site for my company. I could slog away in Dreamweaver for days, or I could slog away in Radio UserLand for days. If I choose Radio UserLand over Dreamweaver, those days will be a bigger investment than if I choose Dreamweaver.

Written on September 3, 2000