Weight Loss update

Unofficially, I've now lost somwhere between 43 and 45 pounds since April 25th.

When I started, my size 42 jeans were tight on me, under my big-belly. I could hardly fit into my size 42 dress-pants.

On Thursday I picked up 2 pairs of shorts from Eddie Bauer, a great deal... regular $42 each, on sale for $14.99, less 10%. Size.... 38!

I can even wear these 38s "over my belly", but it's a little tight yet. They're totally comfortable! I haven't fit into size 38 since the fall of 1994, when I weighed 45 pounds less than I weigh now, so my legs, hips and waist must really be getting slim.

I feel so good now!

Written on September 2, 2000