Survivor... and, will my stomach survive eating 12 worms?


Written just before midnight on Wednesday, posted 49 seconds into Thursday morning.

A couple of months ago, I was talking to my friend Ruth on the phone while watching Survivor. (I've only seen about 3 episodes before tonight)

Ruth was saying she really disliked Rich, and I was saying I liked him and hoped he would win. I forgot about saying that until the big vote tonight. I never believed he'd make it that far...

Good for him. I was very impressed to hear he lost 100 pounds before going on the show. Hi gives me faith to keep working at it myself.

Tonight I was hoping Rudy would win. Out of respect and admiration for what he accomplished on the island at the age of 72 -- it shows you that senior citizens are incredible people... something I've always believed, but I've seen so many people disrespect their elders. And, for being brutally honest and true to himself... something I respect and cherish myself.

Once Rudy was out (did he lose his balance walking around that pole?) I wanted Rich to win. Nothing against Kelly, nothing at all.

Anyway, some people were saying afterwards, "what are we going to do on Wednesday night now???". Ohhh, come on... stop watching TV! There's so much to do other than watch TV.

We had some "challenges" tonight during the show. I won one of them, and well, maybe I shouldn't have.

The challenge: eat 12 gummy-worms (you know, like gummy-bears, but they're about 5 inch long candy worms) as fast as you can.

I decided the best way would be to swallow them whole -- chewing would take too long. So, I started to collect as much saliva in my mouth as I could while the rules were being explained, to help those little worms go down easy.

The result... I ate the 12 worms in 33 seconds. I was told later that by the time I sucked back 6 of them in about 15 seconds, most of the people stopped trying and just watched me instead. Hehe!! I must have looked rabid... i guess it was my competitive nature coming out.

The 9th and 10th worms didn't go down the first time I tried to swallow them (they "missed" the back of my mouth) and managed to swallow those two whole at the same time as I swallowed the 11th worm -- yes, 3 at once. Wasn't sure if I could do that or not.

My prize was a little first-aid kit... how ironic, I might just need it.

A couple minutes after I was done, I realized that while yeah, I won, I had the best idea, and did it, boy was that a STUPID thing to do! I hope I'll be okay.

Written on August 24, 2000