Sockeye for Oma and Tante Uschi

Cheryl and I barbequed fresh Sockeye Salmon for dinner tonight for my Oma and Tante, visiting from Germany, and my parents.

It was the first time we tried to make salmon, and my Oma, widow of a fisherman, exclaimed after dinner (in German): "I couldn't have made it any better myself!". Well, Cheryl was glowing! Knowing my Oma, that was pretty much the biggest compliment you could have ever gotten from her. Seriously, Oma can cook, and she is very proud of her dishes. That kind of comment doesn't come lightly.

And, she liked the crab cakes (thanks for the recipe Ruth!), the sauce that went with them, the homemade bread, and the cake for dessert.

Overall, a darn good evening. :-) Way to go Cheryl!

Written on August 20, 2000