Wes is thinking clearly

Hack the Planet Prime -- "I see Frontier is getting MVC. I was wondering how long it would take... "

Wow, I must really be burnt out. I've been excited about what's going on too, but I didn't put two and two together and label it MVC. But yeah, that's what it is alright. No wonder I'm psyched. :-)

Thanks Wes!

Update: Sorry, I didn't explain what MVC is. Someone asked me, so here's a brief explanation. I'll leave the google searches up to you. :-)

MVC stands for "Model View Controller". It is a design pattern in programming, meaning a way to structure your program to make it easier to develop and hopefully maintain and improve.

In the case of Frontier/Radio UserLand and the WorldOutline, with the new NodeTypes framework...

Model == XML Files*

View == The Outliner and MacBird/HTML dialogs

Controller = Your Custom NodeType scripts

*Actually, Model doesn't have to be an XML file (outlineDocument or RSS for example) -- that's the whole point of the MVC design pattern. As long as the controller understands the data coming from the model, the view can be successfully managed and everything works fine.

The controller is very specific, generally not reusable code. (That's okay)

The view should be highly reusable, and in the case of Radio UserLand, it is! The outliner (the view in this case) is being used for all sorts of applications, and now all sorts of neat NodeTypes in the WorldOutline.

I hope that clears things up.

Written on August 19, 2000