Golf Golf Golf! All I want to do is golf!

Today we finally went to Saltspring Island. (google search for Saltspring Island) I have been hoping to go back for over a year now.

Last year, Alex and I golfed at the Saltspring Island Golf & Country Club. It was the first "real round of golf" I ever played. I really wanted to go back there today to play it again.

When we got to the Island, we stopped at the Kanaka restaurant in Ganges for lunch, and called to get a tee-time. That's when I found out that today is their annual invitational tournament! Stupid me, not phoning ahead of time.

All was not lost. It turned out to be a great day -- Cheryl and I played at the Blackburn Meadows Golf Club instead. (nice site, btw, and recently updated) It was a great course, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and the people there were extremely nice!

Unfortunately, we missed the 5:40 PM ferry (we were three cars away from making it on :(), and had to wait at the ferry terminal for the 8:00 PM ferry -- there was no way to get our car out of the lineup at that point! So dinner comprised of the muffins and baguettes that we picked up at a bakery in Ganges...

Of course, if we hadn't picked up the muffins and baguettes we would have made it on the ferry and made it home in time for dinner, so it's not so "lucky" that we happened to have that food available. ;-)

Yesterday, I played golf at Henderson Golf Course. It's a tiny little hardly-a golf course, with challenging mushroom-cap greens at nearly every hole.

Written on August 13, 2000