3 BBC articles about fat -- virii and protiens

All 3 from the BBC: Could a virus make you fat? (as previously reported on CANOE a few weeks ago)

Breakthrough in obesity study -- "A molecular switch that controls the formation of fat cells has been discovered in mice. The breakthrough could pave the way for future development of drugs to control obesity."

Skinny mice defy obesity -- "What these mice have told us, in fact, is that this is a viable drug target to treat obesity."

I've learned in the last few months, that regardless of whatever virus or protien or lackthereof that I might or might not have... eating right and exercising == burning fat. If any of these things help me keep the weight off in the long term and let me enjoy foods that other people can enjoy while not exercising, I'll be even happier. :-)

Written on August 11, 2000