Victoria Golf courses

A great site about golf courses in Victoria. I'd love to go golfing with the person that wrote up all those course-bios.

I went to the Juan de Fuca Golf Club this afternoon, and did 2 rounds of 9 holes. Shot a 40, then a 46. Apparently, I look like a lobster now. :-)

I didn't lose a single ball during the first round, which is a first for me. I was pretty happy about that -- but then I lost that ball on the 2nd hole during the 2nd round. D'oh!

The course Cheryl and I played on Saturday, Royal Oak (the bio for this site is very funny), was also very enjoyable -- we played alongside Jean-Marc of SRC Television (CBC en francais), who was a wonderful single-serving friend. That said, I'd be very happy to golf with him again any time.

(How's that going for you? Being clever?)

Written on August 8, 2000