I'm back to the WiMPy player, for now

Radio UserLand's WinAmp support was working okay for the first day. Now, for whatever reason, it's totally wonky. I've gone back to using the browser-based Windows Media Player for now, until the WinAmp driver is repaired. :-(

If I wasn't doing encoding on my PowerBook, I'd just use that for playback.

I've hooked up a real amplifier and speakers to my PC now, so I have decent (and loud) sound now. :-)

Update: The RUL/WinAmp problem is solved -- well, worked around really. I had to turn off the "Multiple Instances" option in WinAmp to get RUL happy with it again. Meaning, I can't run a RUL-managed SHOUTcast radio station and listen to other SHOUTcast streams with WinAmp at the same time. I'll have to listen to other SHOUTcast streams with another player, like WiMP.

Written on August 8, 2000