The process...

 10 Look at PowerBook...
 20 activate SoundJam MP Plus.
 30 Eject the CD.
 40 Insert a new CD.
 50 Select All.
 60 Add to Converter.
 70 Start Converting.
 80 Work on my other machine.
 90 Wait for the "bing"!


100 Look at the PowerBook...
110 Click on Fetch, it's on the Desktop.
120 Log in and open the MP3 folder on my other machine.
130 Copy the new music to my other machine.
140 Work on my other machine.
150 Wait for the "uh oh"
REM (my alert sound)

Uh oh!

160 Look at the PowerBook...
REM save cycles, keep encoding fast
170 quit Fetch.
REM gotta conserve HD space on the PowerBook
180 Delete the folder of new music
190 Look at other other machine.
200 Activate Radio UserLand.
210 Load new files.
220 Add some of the new songs to the mix.
230 Restart the player.
999 GOTO 10

It's BASIC!!!

Written on August 4, 2000