Radio UserLand: Favorite music

Favorite music -- "Would it be possible to have a "My Favorite Music" list from Radio Userland on my EditThisPage site similar to the My Faves weblogs box?"

That would be very cool! Ever since Radio UserLand was announced, and it was announced that data feeds would be available in XML, I've been thinking of doing a new favourites browser -- one for music.

A standalone browser could be created, and could also be linked to from the weblogs favourites browser. I'm a sucker for data mining like this. :-)

Please don't take this as an announcement -- just thinking aloud. Anyway, the favourites browser can be quite a CPU hog during data-processing, so it might be a challenge to do more than already exists, and of course I'd have to get permission from my server host.

Written on August 3, 2000