Saturn LW1 - the L series Wagon

Saturn: LW1 -- this might be my next vehicle. I've put a deposit down on one. Once my existing vehicle is off my hands (on Monday), I'll sign the papers at Saturn.

I love Saturn cars. :) This would be my second. I had a 1996 SL 1, and kept it for the full three year lease term. I got the Ford Explorer after that because I really needed more leg-room for my messed up knee, and Saturn didn't make a large enough vehicle. Now, with their L series cars, they finally do.

Hmm... I like Macs, dig Saturn cars. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, pirate software, movies or songs, nor do I eat McDonald's hamburgers, or drink pop. Oh, and I've never stepped foot inside a Walmart store. What a weirdo. :-) (at least that's what my friends call me -- that, and freak)

Written on July 29, 2000