Is Apple purposely leaking [mis]information?

Am I the only one that finds it a little bit odd that ZDNet has gotten information about Mercury, the supposed PowerBook G4, and InkWell, the supposed Newton HWR system for Mac OS [X]?

Apple's normally very air-tight, you can't get anything out of them. But suddenly, after MacWorld, there's all this information, and even pictures, of unreleased and unannounced products.

Conspiracy theory #1: It's all bogus. Apple Misinformation Campaign hits ZDNet.

I mean, a slot-loading DVD-ROM drive on a PowerBook? Personally, I wouldn't want a gaping hole on the side of my computer only a half an inch off the ground, where dust and spilled liquids could destroy the machine.

Handwriting recognition? Well, I'd love it, and the theory that a new PDA-style portable OS X machine using this software is forthcoming is very intruiging, but I think it's just too good to be true. (somebody pinch me!)

Conspiracy Theory #2: Apple has decided to let some information through, either as a trial balloon, or to get people excited about handwriting recognition for a few months before they announce it, so that there won't be as many knee-jerk negative reactions about it.

Conspiracy Theory #3: It just got leaked.

Conspiracy Theory #4: Apple's changing their ways and is letting more info out to the press, because they realize they've been way TOO tight with future product information.

Which theory do you support? Or do you have your own?

Written on July 28, 2000