I'm going to go check this out

MP3.com, EMI settle My.MP3.com suit -- "On Monday, MP3.com said it took a $150 million charge against its second-quarter earnings for the estimated lawsuit costs. There is also a pending copyright infringement suit filed by some song publishers."

If I remember correctly, My.MP3.com is the service where you insert your CD into your computer to give yourself access to the songs on that CD in MP3 format. That'd be very handy, since I wouldn't have to create the MP3s myself, which I've tried once (ironically with a Metallica CD that was getting badly scratched) and found very slow on my aging computer.

Update: I signed up, and "beamed" a few CDs to my.mp3.com. However, they are "locked", because there is still ongoing legal battles, and apparently I won't be able to listen to this music until that's all cleared up. Oh well.

Anyway, I found a great band on mp3.com already -- ex number five, from New Brunswick and New Jersey. I bought their CD "a history of......." for $6.99. Cool.

Another Update: Hey, check out how much money ex number five has made from mp3.com. Over $900 so far this month, nearly $5000 in total including product sales.

Compare that to S.G.O. which has made just $1.13.

Which is $1.13 more than Napster would have paid them.

Written on July 28, 2000