Here'a a pile of links I found last night but didn't have time to post:

Swaine's World has excellent links as always, July 26th's news features 3 articles about Be/BeIA.

Via CamWorld, a strange article about a yearlong partnership to bundle the Bible with cereal boxes and how it died at the 11th hour.

Via Faisal, how decades of probing Mars has changed our perception of the planet. Reports of a Dead Mars Are Greatly Exaggerated.

Also, Tog says If They Don't Test, Don't Hire Them. Exactly.

In MacNN's forums, Denise McNickle discovers that Sony's MiniDisc player works out-of-the-box with recent USB Macs without drivers.

Via Mr. Damien Barrett, how an Anthropologist Sees WWF Wrestling Bouts As Passion Plays.

I haven't even finished reading this one yet, but everyone is raving about it, so here it is: Joel on Software -- Does Issuing Passports Make Microsoft a Country? (via Archipelago)

Via Wes, an Advogato article speaking out against FreeNet, and what the author Matthew Parry considers an extremist attitude of FreeNet developers.

Written on July 27, 2000