It's a small world after all

My favourite feature of the weblog favourites browser is that I get to connect with the people who read my site (though, only other webloggers, which is a very unfortunate side-effect of the data feed I'm using).

Just a while ago I was looking at the list of webloggers who have added my site to their list of favourite sites, and I found some very excellent sites I hadn't read before. This German site which I can't read, Der Schockwellenreiter, is one of them.

Another is Greg Restall's weblog. From Greg's beautifully designed site I found a link to a very recent Newton FAQ, which mentions that a project to create an MP3 player for the Newton is underway. I've been using my MessagePad 2100 more lately, and with 2 PC Card slots, it could be a great MP3 player.

I find I have a little something in common with many of the people on that list, not the least of which is the willingness to share daily discoveries and experiences with everyone.

If you haven't registered your favourite weblogs yet, please do. If you need help, check out this documentation I wrote about how that works. You'll help other people who share interests connect with you -- who knows where that could lead.

Thanks. :-)

Written on July 25, 2000