Nothing surprises me anymore

Wow, look at all these domains UserLand owns. (Those are just the first 50, it doesn't show the rest)

UserLand has domains using trademarks including Ford, Pokemon, Pikachu, Intel, Delta, American Air[lines], Third Voice, and Napster.

UserLand theatened legal action against a group of dedicated Frontier users in 1998 for putting up a pro-Frontier community website called FrontierUsers.Net, citing trademark abuse. That of course, was total bullshit, because UserLand doesn't even have a trademark on the word Frontier -- Frontier Corporation, a century-old telecommuncations company does. They knew this, but for unknown reasons they decided to exert their ability to pay legal fees and get their way, setting back the efforts of a group of very enthusiastic volunteers.

For the record, I am still an advocate of Frontier, despite everything that's happened.

Thanks for the link Dori!

Written on July 24, 2000