The Late Show with the X-Men

I just got back from seeing X-Men, for the second time. I love that movie. :-)

The neatest thing however, wasn't seeing the movie twice, it was being in two different, very distinct audiences to watch the same movie.

The Saturday matinee crowd was full of people who just had to see X-Men as soon as they could. You could tell from people laughing at the inside jokes, oohing and ahhing at particular gadgets or people or scenes, that these were X-Men fans. Hard core comic book aficionados. It was a lively crowd.

Tonights crowd were full of people who could wait until cheap-ticket Tuesday to see X-Men. There were still a few hard core people around, you could here them much more clearly because there wasn't as much background noise in the theatre... people weren't laughing at the jokes (well, not the subtle ones anyway), and weren't generally going NUTS because they were FINALLY SEEING THE X-MEN ON THE BIG SCREEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!

On Saturday, I went with 2 comic book literate friends. Today, I went with a comic book newbie.

Very different experiences. I can appreciate both experiences because of their uniqueness. It's not usually worth going to the same movie twice, in the theatre, but tonight I'm glad I did.

Even if you're not an X-Men fan, I think you can enjoy the movie. My friend did tonight, and I gathered plenty of positive comments from people while they were leaving the theatre.

Don't I spell funny? Theatre. Theatre. Hahahaha!

Written on July 19, 2000