Re: JS res

Jim, in fairness to your readers, I think you
should explain to them that you have five free licenses for Frontier. You have
repeatedly made an issue of the price of the software. I think they deserve to
know that for you the price is $0.

Hahaha! That was a remarkably enthusiastic missing of Jim's point, Dave. ;-P
He was, of course, not saying that Frontier was
too expensive, but that people should pay for it to compensate its creator
(that's you!), just as people should pay for music to compensate its
Especially delightful is the "you pay $0", followed
immediately by "you're out of the SA program," which means that Jim no longer
pays $0. Somehow you've managed the amazing sleight of hand of eating your cake,
and still having it. Remarkable.
Written on July 13, 2000