Beetling around town

Today I flew my kite at Clover Point in Victoria. The wind was at near the top of the wind-range for my kite, so it wasn't possible to "stall" the kite to do any slack-line maneuvers (not that I know any yet, but I'd love to practice) but it was a great time nonetheless!

My friends Alex Wadsworth and Sandy (forgot your last name, sorry!) were also flying their kites.

One maneuver I got to practice lots was the cartwheel, which is how you get your kite back "on its feet" after you crash it, without having to run down field to the kite yourself. :)

Not all is well, however -- my bottom right wisdom tooth is at war with me. I'm going to make an appointment with a dentist first thing tomorrow morning to have it looked at. I've been eating very cold foods today to try to keep my tooth/gums frozen back there.

Written on May 29, 2000