I just had to share this...

Just minutes ago, for the first time I saw Cyan (my daughter, born Feb 20, 1998) properly use a mouse to interact with a computer!

We started up "Just me and my Mom" on our iMac, and she wanted to play. I said "move the mouse there (pointing), and click".

She clicked the "Page" button, instead of the "Read" button. (I thought, "hey that's neat!")

I said "Okay, you have to choose a page and click on it." She move the mouse onto the page with a teddy bear and clicked it! "Great, now move your mouse to the OK button (pointing) and click on that." She moved the mouse across the screen, centered on the OKAY button, and clicked it!

YES! This is a historic day in Cyan's life, I just had to get it down somewhere.

Cheryl says she's been doing this for a day or two now, but that's the first time I saw it. I'm so happy!

Written on May 13, 2000