I totally need your help

I need your help! I have to get this working, but I can't figure it out!

I have a CGI program (an EXE file) which runs behind IIS4 (in /scripts/) and Apache (in /cgi-bin/) on NT4. Everything works great except basic authentication!

Both web servers INSIST on doing the authorization itself, but my CGI program needs to be allowed do it's own authorization -- ie: let the CGI program determine if the user/password is correct, and react accordingly.

IIS4 hijacks the username and password sent by the browser and doesn't let the CGI see it, and tries to authenticate it using the NT user database.

Apache insists that if I set AuthType to "basic" for /cgi-bin/ that I specify AuthUserFile and/or AuthGroupFile as well, meaning that Apache will do the user/password check against some password files.

If you know how to disable this interference by either web server, I'd be so so grateful if you could share that information with me!


Written on May 4, 2000