I hate shopping for shoes

Well I went shopping for shoes yesterday. Didn't come home with any. I hate shopping for shoes.

I went to 4 stores - Sports Experts, Sport Chek, Foot Locker, and Athlete's World... none of them had a cross-trainer that fit me.

When most people go shoe-shopping, they pick out a few shoes they like and ask the salesperson to go to the back to bring them those shoes in their size.

When I go shoe-shopping, I tell the salesperson what size I am, and they go to the back and bring me whatever they have in that size... usually nothing, or one really ugly pair of shoes.

I used to be a size 13 - yesterday I learned I'm not a size 14! Also, I have really wide (European) feet, so I need an E or 2E width. Apparently, only New Balance makes cross trainers wide enough for my feet.

I found out there's a "New Balance Store" in Victoria. Huh, who'd've thunk it? I'll go there next time I have a chance to go shopping to get my shoes.

Rather than a cross trainer, maybe I should get a running shoes (for the treadmill), court shoes (for tennis), and biking shoes.

Written on May 3, 2000