I am what I am - Popeye the Sailor Man

A couple of days ago I thought I had found two references to Red Dwarf on Jocelyn's home page, Deletia. I then guessed that she was a Red Dwarf fan. She denied it!

She's right!

It turns out that one of them was a quote from Wayne's World that I thought was actually something the Red Dwarf character Dave Lister had said...

The other one, however, remains. But this reference is actually Jocelyn quoting her friend, Chris! So, either Chris is a Red Dwarf fan, or this quote has made it into popular culture.

Here is the remaining Red Dwarf reference:

Here is the section of the Red Dwarf script that Chris' quote is in reference to:

Series 4, Episode 2: DNA

LISTER: I just don't trust that machine, man. Look, I know it's old-
fashioned, but I'm from the school that believes, "If God intendeed us
to fly, he wouldn't have invented Spanish air traffic control". Okay,
that machine might be able to cure diseases and stuff, but you
shouldn't use it to change you into what you're not. You are what you
are. Wasn't it Descartes who said, "I am what I am?"
RIMMER: No, it was Popeye the Sailor Man.
LISTER: Well, whoever it was, he was a hell of a philisopher. And I
think what he was trying to say was, you got to stay true to what you

And later...

LISTER: Kryten, there was a cartoon character once called Popeye, said a
really profound thing.
KRYTEN: Well, what did he say?
LISTER: He said, "I am what I am."
KRYTEN: Are you sure? I always thought it was Descartes!
LISTER: So did I, man! It's so easy to get those two dudes mixed up!

So, Jocelyn's good name is cleared, and she won't end up working at Wendy's afterall!

Written on April 23, 2000