This note posted from BeOS Pro Edition 5.0!

This entry is being posted from NetPositive in BeOS Professional Edition 5.0 for Intel.

As with all BeOS releases I've tried (R3, R3.1, R4, R4.5, and now R5), it installed in about 15 minutes, and worked the first time. I'm logged onto ICQ with Gim-ICQ (which is unfortunately not supported anymore, but source is available), which is included with the Pro Edition.

My video card and sound card work perfectly, I could actually use USB devices, which I can't do in Windows NT 4, which I normally run on this machine.

The only thing that didn't work was DHCP, but some digging reveals this is an issue with @Home's DHCP servers, and apparently works with non-fucked DHCP servers.

I'm going to run BeOS as much as I can in the next while to try out the many excellent apps available for this platform.

Written on April 20, 2000