Travel through weblog space

What are you favourite weblogs? Which weblogs are you favourites' favourites? Who thinks your weblog is one of their favourites?

travelo: Travel!

For this first time all of this information is available in one easy to use web interface! Click the "Travel" button above and travel through weblog space!

This feature was completed in mid-March and originally intended to be a feature of my Manila web site. A Manila plug-in was written for this system, and delivered for review to my former ISP, however it was never deployed.

Thanks to my new super-ISP, Macrobyte Resources, this feature has finally seen the light of day!

This system uses the XML data feeds from To get your list of favourite site to appear in this browser, set up your list of favourite sites at The next time the data is refreshed on this server, your favourites will appear!

Written on April 9, 2000