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StarNine: WebStar for MacOS X!

There is a WebObjects adaptor for WebStar which makes it possible to use a WebStar server with WebObjects applications.

Seeing as how StarNine was bought by ACI US yesterday, a company that appears to want to compete with WebObjects with their 4D database product, I'm uncertain whether they'll tout that ability of Web*.

Update: From the 4D and WebStar FAQ:

8. Does this mean WebSTAR Server Suite will no longer support FileMaker Pro?
ACI fully recognizes the importance of third party vendor support for the WebSTAR product range and has no current plans to discontinue WebSTAR's compatibility with any products that it presently supports.

Apache comes pre-configured to run WebObjects apps on Mac OS X Server. I'm not sure if WebObjects will come with Mac OS X, but I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if it did.

Written on March 15, 2000