have browser, will travel

Scripting News: "One idea we've been interested in for quite some time is HTML email, so perhaps Firedrop would make a good test case. As you know Manila sends HTML email to subscribers that request it. I know their VCs well, and they know me. From what I've seen it wouldn't take long to build a server app that does what Firedrop does."

Well, I'm not sure exactly what FireDrop does with HTML email from the screenshots, but Conversant's "conversations" (AKA discussion groups) can be configured to act as two-way mailing lists and NNTP newsgroups which can contain HTML.

Here's a great example, on the free-conversant.com support site. A web page, submitted via Netscape Communicator's HTML e-mail client, showing rich text and an aligned image.

True WYSIWYG e-mail to the web. Anyone can use this, even your CEO!

Written on March 15, 2000