have browser, will travel

I have to take back the comments I made earlier today about cheering for whatever team Ray Bourque goes to. I just heard he's been traded to Colorado! (BTW, I've beaten SLAM! Hockey and CNN/SI to this news)

Since Colorado is in the same division Edmonton is, they'd have to get through Edmonton (theoretically) to win the Stanley Cup. I was certain he'd be traded to a team in the Eastern Conference, where the Oilers could (theoretically :-)) meet them in the finals. Well... sorry Raymond, but until the Oilers are out of the playoffs, I'm cheering for them. But if the Oilers lose, even by the hands of the Avalanche, I'll cheer for Colorado. But just this once!

Update: I beat CNN/SI by only about 2 minutes :-)

Written on March 6, 2000