have browser, will travel

Hehe, when Dave fixed a little bug in the WebLog Hot List, this site's ranking became 52nd, up from 80th! :-)

This site doesn't make the cut on the Beebo rankings. (Dave said Beebo's ranking uses logic, and his doesn't... SHHHH!! LOL!)

Interestingly, http://slashdot.org/ is ranked 14th, and http://www.slashdot.org/ is ranked 32nd! Together, /. has the #7 ranking. I wonder if there are other instances of this anomoly in the rankings? Does Beebo do anything special about this case?

A similar situation for eatonweb. Brig moved her weblog from the /weblog/ subdirectory to the top level directory of her site. Most people are still linking to the old place. Collectively she has a #8 ranking, #9 if corrected for the /. anomoly mentioned above.

This is navel-gazing at it's best.... or, worst!

Written on February 20, 2000