have browser, will travel

My reply, with a free idea:

Then all the other sites would be too large! *Every* other site I visit is at a comfortable size right now.

I'm not about to do that... would you do that in my situation? No, I didn't think so.

Why not allow users to store font-size preferences in their cookies?

If present, you include a style-sheet in the page that sets the default text size to the desired height.

I'm a web application developer, so I know this is easy. Maybe not as easy on CNN.com's scale, but still easy enough.

>Thanks again for your interest and keep your browser pointed to http://cnn.com.

I *am* interested, your site provides great content, but I'm already visiting less often. I wish that weren't the case. Please let me know if the size is restored to the previous setting, or if you implement user-controllable preferences.

Written on February 10, 2000