have browser, will travel

I received this e-mail from FreeMac today: (this is just a snippet)

Unfortunately, Apple Computer had a change of heart and decided not to allow us to purchase Apple iMacs from them at wholesale prices.

Frankly, we were surprised by Apple's decision, but we were not discouraged. We advised them that we would still be willing to acquire iMacs by paying FULL RETAIL PRICE! And Apple Computer still said no. They did more than say no. They prohibited their major retail accounts from selling us iMacs -- even at regular retail prices! And so we've reached a point where we have to deliver what I know is some very disappointing news to many of you. We simply aren't being allowed to purchase the iMac computers to distribute to you. Apple Computer has left us no choice here.

I'm not an economist, I'm not even good with money. Could somebody PLEASE EXPLAIN to me why Apple wouldn't want to sell a million iMacs to this company?

Written on February 8, 2000