have browser, will travel

My thought for the day: I'm really really thankful to be a young webhead right now. Really thankful.

More personal reflection.... I collected comic books as a teenager. I had a LOT of comics. Like, over 2600 of them. I loved them, and at the time (the week before graduating from high-school), it killed me to sell my collection.

But, in hindsight, it was the smartest significant thing I had done up to that point! With the money, I bought my first "real" computer, a Mac LCII.

With that computer, I became re-obsessed with BBSs (my first obsession was on a C=64 with a 300bps modem card), and learned about and became obsessed with the Internet.

That led to the sysop of my favourite BBS convincing me to apply for the Computer Science co-op program at UVic instead of Civil Engineering at Camosun College. Which led to the career I have today, and my being very thankful for being a young webhead in 2000.

Written on February 6, 2000