have browser, will travel

Via HTPP: A new plan for Fizzilla, Mozilla for MacOS X. I almost thought Mike Pinkerton was cool, until:

Why not base Mozilla on Cocoa (Yellow Box)?

No one wants to write in objective-C.

That's not a cool thing to say.

Yes, I like Objective-C... developing with Cocoa and WebObjects in Obj-C is like butter! :-)

A more truthful answer would have been "there's no point in not using the Carbon code for the front-end, since it works."

Unfortunately, Fizzilla is now tied to PPC hardware. When MacOS X for Intel comes out <cough> it won't be a straight port, unless they bring Carbon to OS X Intel.

I'm hoping now that the GNUstep people will create a GNUstep FE to Mozilla that could be used on MacOS X. Yes, I'm a dreamer!

Written on February 4, 2000