have browser, will travel

Back when Brent found out he was a German Shephard, I too took the Dog Test, but forgot to post the results. Here they are: (they are most acccurate!):-)

You are most like a BASSET HOUND. You are one laid-back individual! You cherish your "down time" and treasure the moments that you have no responsibility to anyone but your couch and TV set. You are easy to get along with and are extremely low maintenance. You probably love to hang out with your friends, as long as it is in a low-key environment. Although some might consider you lazy, you prefer to think of yourself as "relaxed." Your no-frills approach to life makes you a refreshing friend to all.

My wife agrees with that, especially the 3rd sentence, apparently! LOL! I wish Cheryl had a weblog too...

Written on February 2, 2000