have browser, will travel

Today's update comes from Netscape Navigator for Linux running under Mandrake Linux. This isn't your granddaddy's Linux installation... it's running inside VMWare 1.0.1 for Windows NT. Yep, Linux on top of NT. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying VMWare once my 30 day eval runs out :-)

VMWare keeps warning me that performance will be unacceptable because I don't have a PII, and because my processor isn't at least 266MHz. Well... In full-screen mode, this setup is completely usable. Now if Brent could show me how to get Frontier running in Linux, I could flip over for good!

Update: I don't know if Brent heard me or what, but his weblog now says "The next story I plan to write is about getting Frontier set up on WINE, so you can duplicate my set-up." Yay!

Written on January 31, 2000