have browser, will travel

We move into our new place tomorrow. I'll be up at about 6 AM... groan.

I waited for the cable guy to show up most of the day. We were told he'd be there between noon and 4PM. He showed up just after 5:30 PM. The cable was installed by 7 PM. Y-a-y.

While I was waiting I moved the pieces of my desk into my "office" (it's a room in the basement that could comfortably hold a billiards table) to put it back together. I think this is going to be the best work set-up I've ever had.

My wife and father finished painting the kitchen while that was happening.

On boxing day I got a Microsoft Intellimouse with IntelliEye. It's not the garish 5-button silver version, rather the cheaper, simpler two-button-with-scroller version. It is, without a doubt, the best, most accurate (by orders of magnitude) and coolest mouse I've ever owned. I'll never buy another ball-based mouse as long as these optical mice are available.

I think I've said it here before... I think Microsoft makes the nicest peripherals. If they are broken up, I wonder what would happen to their hardware group... I use their keyboards (Natural Keyboard Pro), mice (see above), and joysticks (Sidwewinder Precision Pro).

Written on January 15, 2000