have browser, will travel

According to Brent Simmons' excellent new weblog inessential.com, this site is now being served by Turbo Frontier. He'd know since he installed it! :-) Brent works for UserLand Software, makers of "Frontier".

Brent's a major baseball fan, especially a Mariners fan. For the past two seasons I've been enjoying baseball more than any time in my past. I know it was the Big Mac vs. Sosa deul that did it... that's okay, the hype made me appreciate the rest of the game too.

Who would have thought I'd ever like baseball? I can assure you my mother wouldn't.

Today I put up new wallpaper in my new place, while my wife and father painted the kitchen. It looks much better now! I'd like to take pictures once we're moved in.

Written on January 14, 2000