have browser, will travel

I'm not American, but today I'd be proud to be. Read the PLAINTIFFS' JOINT PROPOSED CONCLUSIONS OF LAW to see why. It's just great, I think I might read the whole thing!

There are so many truths about Microsoft's motivations, things that many computer industry people have known for a long time, but now can be broadly understood by everyone. Excellent work!

The document is written such that it can be understood without a technical background in computers or programming. (IMHO)

As a former user of so many products that have been crushed by Microsoft's illegal efforts to "protect the application barrier to entry", I am hopeful for a future where innovation moves at the speed of people trying to improve software because they can, and be successful, rather than not improving software, because, they can, and be successful.

I think I'll put together a list...

Written on December 7, 1999