have browser, will travel

It's been a busy week. Yesterday was my third anniversary of marriage to Cheryl. We went out for a nice dinner at Milestones along the Inner Harbour of Victoria. A nice quiet corner table.

Today I visited a physiotherapist to get a presecription for a knee brace. I messed up my right knee in 1995, and want a brace so I can play sports again -- tennis, rollerblading, maybe even soccer and squash.

Two hours ago I picked up my first pair of glasses. My eyesight started to get noticably poor, so I had an exam and found out I needed glasses. Apparently I used to have 20/15 vision, and with these glasses I do again! :-) It's amazing, it's like someone bumped the resolution up from 640x480 to 1280x1024! (geek!) My glasses have magnetic shaded clip-ons. (You can't even tell they're on, very nice) I have an extreme sensitivity to bright light, so I need to wear sunglasses when it's really bright out.

I put MacOS 9 on my PowerBook G3 yesterday. I LOVE it! More on that later...

Written on November 25, 1999