have browser, will travel

The worlds's first Wu-Tang nameliser says I am "Big-Boned Naughty Pirate".

What the @#$%? First, I'm NOT Big-Boned... I'm FAT!

Pirate?! I NEVER use unlicensed software (seriously), I don't listen to illegal MP3s, I don't copy rented VHS tapes, and they call me pirate! I guess that's like calling me "shorty" or "Mr. Slim". So they think they're funnnnny....

Naughty... well, what can I say? :-)

OK, this thing is starting to scare me. My wife Cheryl is "The Littlest Vandal". She's 5' tall! (on a proud day). My child Cyan: "Bothersome Minister"? Ooooooookay.

Written on November 16, 1999