have browser, will travel

About the new format...

Today, this site is going live at jim.roepcke.com. Until today, my weblog lived at www.roepcke.com. I'm now running this site with Manila, a powerful Frontier 6.1 application for making and maintaining websites easily.

To find out why I switched from Dreamweaver to Manila, read the October 13th news...

Major thank-yous to Dave Winer and Brent Simmons of UserLand Software for giving me the opportunity to host my site with them, and for helping me get things set up!

Overall the process was very easy, but I managed to find a couple things to keep them busy (like helping me get the archives into the site before it went live!) Manila isn't shipping yet, so this site will help UserLand get Manila ready for you to use!

The calendar on the right of the home page will let you browse the archives of this weblog. This site is also searchable now (another new feature for HBWT). Each page will have a Search link on it, on the right.

Written on October 26, 1999