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It's old news now :-( - Kelly Buchberger scored the first ever goal for the Atlanta Thrashers! He was also named the captain of the team since the last time I updated this page. If he was on the Oilers right now, he'd be their leading scorer... that pretty much sums up how bad the Oilers have been on offense so far.

Bucky this Bucky that, it's always Bucky... "if ya like him so much why don't you marry him?"

No, Kelly Buchberger isn't my favourite player...

My favourite hockey players (not including Gretzky, cause that's not fair to the other players ;-)):

#17 Jari Kurri (retired 2 years ago)

#68 Jaromir Jagr

# 8 Risto Siltanen (retired well over 10 years ago)

#16 Kelly Buchberger

I didn't get to go to the game where Gretzky's jersey was retired. I watched it on TV though - at my dad's house, it was his birthday! The mayor of Edmonton declared October 1st would be Wayne Gretzky Day in Edmonton from that day forward... I think it's really cool that my dad's birthday is now associated with the greatest Canadian sports hero of all time!

Written on October 13, 1999