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Gretzky / Hockey news:

Edmonton city council has completed screwed up -- they've estimated that 4000-5000 (cough) people will attend a ceremony in front of city hall to unveil the "Wayne Gretzky Drive" sign (a freeway being named in his honour), to give him a leather bound book that will be signed by tens (or hundreds) of thousands of people at various events over the next month...

Give me a break. As Terry Jones aptly puts it, "Done right, this should have been in front of 40,000 to 50,000 in Commonwealth Stadium with schoolkids bused in from around the province, with Gretzky and his old teammates paraded in, with the whole show on the new scoreboard."

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Robert @ Bump has ordered tickets for the Atlanta Thrashers! Excellent! Please take some pictures, I'd love to see what the arena looks like!

Oh, and Robert, the Thrashers took one of my favourite players away from the Oilers - Kelly Buchberger. Atlanta's pretty lucky, IMO, to have such a classy, gutsy guy on their team. If he's not named captain, there's something dreadfully wrong.

My favourite sports DJ, Cubb Carson, used to always say Bucky had a heart "the size of the Coliseum".

Written on September 14, 1999