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Lacrosse Update:

The Canadian National Lacrosse championship is called the Mann Cup. This year, the Victoria Shamrocks are in the finals, and the whole best-of-7 series is being played in Victoria.

Since my season-ticket-holding friend Alex is on a Disney cruise (lucky dog!), I got his ticket for games one and two. Those games took place last night and tonight.

I have never, ever, EVER, seen a team with LESS CLASS and worse sportsmanship than the team Victoria is facing, the Brampton Excelsiors. The team gets its bad attitude right from the top - the coaches are a disgrace to coaching - name calling, taunting, the works. One bad apple spoils the whole damn bunch. They have at least 5 players who are complete jerks... I've seen about half a dozen other teams this season, and they were all very respectable, hard working tteams.

I've never been to Brampton, but I assume it's a nice, friendly place. But if I was from Brampton, I would be embarassed to have that team represent my home town.

Go Rocks Go!

In case I haven't mentioned it before, this is the first year I've gotten interested in Lacrosse.

Written on September 9, 1999