have browser, will travel

Yesterday was hellish and exciting at the same time. At 9 AM I got the news that I was to be pulled out of all of my normal duties and projects and put onto a "mission-critical" project (100% of my time) until completion. (target date: go live December 1).

Also, Alex (who was already assigned to the project) and I (who was also already assigned to the project, but not full-time) were to move two floors up to an empty area of the building where I would sit with four other people involved with this project! Oy!

So, at 1 PM I started to pack up my office, and by 4:30 PM, my desk, computers, all my stuff, and I was upstairs all set up and ready to go. I thereby extended my record to 8 different workspaces since starting on August 11, 1997. The CEO doesn't think anyone's going to beat that record... I certainly hope not!

To top things off, I've had a cold for the last few days... that made moving fun! :-(

So, the VR panorama of my office is now the VR panorama of my old office! I'll make a new one once everyone is in place.

Written on August 7, 1999