have browser, will travel

Cam says his e-mail takes up 320.6 MB of disk space.

I just checked my e-mail partition...it has 497 MB of data on it. That includes my e-mail program, which takes about 10 MB of disk space. That partition has 106,433 files, in 539 folders. It turns out that 106,084 of those files are e-mail messages, in 485 folders.

A couple months ago, I bought a CD burner (HP 8100i if you care) so I could archive my old mail, and other dormant files. After I burned 509 MB of only e-mail (122,244 files, in 460 folders) I deleted some of the mailing list archives I no longer wanted... about 20,000 messages... (IIRC)

I guess that means I've gotten approximately 126,000 e-mail messages since April of 1995, when I started using PMMail (on OS/2 back then, now on NT). Based on his numbers, Cam's received over 38 e-mails a day since January 1996. Based on my numbers, I've received over 79 e-mails a day since April 1995.

Ugh. No wonder my eyesight has gone downhill so fast! :-( And no wonder I weigh 25% more now than I did in April 1995! ;-)

Written on August 5, 1999