have browser, will travel

Morning update (posted during the noon-hour):

This morning's update was actually ready at 9:00 AM Pacific Time, but a massive power outage occured just as I was about to upload the changes to the server. Apparently, not only did most of Victoria lose power, but so did nearly all of Vancouver Island! A co-worker told me a couple transformers on the mainland (around Vancouver, for those who aren't aware of the local geography) bit the dust.Well, I've figured out one difference between weblogs and BBS's... BBS users were definitely a more captive audience!

That's a good thing for web users! On a BBS, I could have put my little questionnaire right in the login process. If you were logging on to my board for a particular reason, and there was a little questionnaire to fill out in order to get to the main menu, there was a really good chance you were going to answer the questions! ;-) On the web, you can just decide to ignore it and surf over to the next site.

One person who responded remarked that the BBS scene "produced more community than I think the Internet ever will in it's current form." That pretty much echoes my feelings.

That shouldn't be viewed as a downer for the Internet, the web, weblogs, or anything inbetween. We just don't have the tools right now to try replicating what once was... some day we will!

Thanks to everyone who responded over the last few days!

Your responses (or more the lack of responses) have helped me get a better understanding for what my expectations of weblogging should be. This is more of a one-way flow than I had expected. Without something like a message board set up, why would it be otherwise??? But that's okay. At some point I may find the energy and resources to do those kinds of things!

Written on August 3, 1999