have browser, will travel

Ben Brown at TEETH Magazine doesn't like weblogs. Well, to be honest, I have to agree with him on one thing: Weblogs aren't new. This kind of medium has existed for a long time on the web. Only time will tell if this is a fad or a trend. From my perspective, weblogs are just communication, communities sharing with one another.. I don't think they're some kind of saviour that will save the search engines from having to index the whole net. IMO, it's the media that's making a big deal of this, not the loggers... well, at least not most of them.

Got a problem with that? ;-) If so, go to the new weblog forum on Deja. Um, even if you don't have a problem with that, check it out. Founded by Jorn Barger of Robot Wisdom.

Another good weblog: metascene.

Written on July 29, 1999